The idea of this website come into existence when one of the author of this website was starting to learn swimming and looking for the best resource online for swimming equipment and tutorials.

After doing lot of online research the author, Jason, didn’t find a perfect fit go to resource online where he can get all the info in a nice and easy to digest format. thought that there might be a lot of people out there seeking the same information and confused about and where exactly they have to go for finding the right information.

Looking this opportunity Jason started this website Swimmer Stop.

Most of the people buy the product recommended to them by their friends, colleges and family members. Some of them research on the internet and find their recommended product online, but researching online for a product is a pain in ass for a normal person.

So we have done that hard work of researching and reviewing products related to swimmers and presented the information and product review in an easy to digest format, we are a team of 2 who do all the hard working of maintaining and running this website.

We want this website to be last destination for those who are seeking the best information about swimming and related products out there.

Note that we get some commission from the products sale, it doesn’t mean that you pay extra for the product, we will get a commission for Amazon without incurring a extra penny from your pocket.

We are always welcome readers comments and feedback, take some time and get in touch with us to know what do you think about this website.

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