Working Out In the Swimming Pool: The Best Water Exercises

Swimming in the pool is already a good workout for the body, adding to this additional water exercises can help you maintain the best shape. Which are some water exercises that are very popular among men and women? Depending on your age, physical conditions, weight and some other factors you can choose the best workout to reach the desired outcome.

If you are unaware of different options consult with a specialist before choosing the program to attend. The article provides additional guidance and suggestions on the best water exercises.

Set of exercises using pool buoy – Stand in the pool (chest-high) feet apart (shoulder width). Using both hands place the weights next to your knees and jump as high as you can.

By hanging on the weights jump 10 times (go for 2 or 3 sets). With the same position hold one dumbbell in each hand and softly raise each until the height of your shoulder.

You can do both hands simultaneously or one by one.

Start with 10 repetitions, after your body gets used to the exercise do it as many times as you feel you are able to. Go a bit deeper where the water will cover your shoulders as well.

Take the weights, bring your hands in front of your chest and pull your hands simultaneity backwards. Start with 10 sets and increase the number every time.

The next set of exercises is related to lifting legs.

Get a point where water is shoulder – deep (hold onto the edge for keeping your balance if required) and bend your knee up as much as you can. Do 10 lift ups for each leg. If you are in a good physical shape you can lift the leg straight to the front.

Another option is to bend your knee up and to the side. Go for 10 lift ups in the beginning and increase the number gradually.

Third set of exercises – go deep in the water, take a kick board or a tube, place it under your arms and bend your knees up. You need to reach at least the waist level, the upper you go the better.

Do not try to do it very fast, take it slow with some pauses and repeat the exercise for 10 times. Make sure you are comfortable doing it before deciding to go for 20 lifts.

Run/walk in the swimming pool. After you swim a lap or two, try to walk in the pool by increasing the speed gradually until you reach a point where you run in the swimming pool. Swim 1-2 laps in your preferred style, then go for a walk or run in the pool for another 1-2 laps, repeat the exercise several times.

If you are exercising in a swimming pool with artificial waves, try to keep the water on the knee level or even lower and as soon as you see a wave coming try jumping over it.

You need to make sure that if you fall you will not hurt yourself (the level of water should be high enough, so in case you fall you fall in the water and not on the ground).

Adjust the exercises to meet your requirements and add others to get a complete workout system.