Water Aerobics Exercise List to Stay Fit & Healthy

If you are like me, who sometimes feels obsessed with swimming and wants to try something different, but in water (obviously, I am an avid swimmer FYI). Every now and then I stop doing routine swimming and try some pool exercise.

The advantages of water have long been used for therapy after injuries. Water Aerobics is now increasingly becoming established in the wellness and fitness area, as fitness gymnastics in the water is a gentle, effective and for whole-body training.

Water Aerobics Exercise uses the physical properties of the water because the density of the water is about a thousand times greater than the density of the air. Therefore, this medium sets a clear resistance to all movements.

A person’s body weight appears easier because the gravity is reduced in the water. The body under water is only about 10% of its weight. The gentle and relieving effect of water therapy on joints, ligaments, and tendons is due to this buoyancy.

Here is a list of 10 water aerobics exercise I do every now and then and urge all my colleagues and friends to do these exercise and stay fit and healthy.

Water Aerobics Exercise #1

Imagine in the ratchet, the legs slightly shoulder-spread apart, and easily go to your knees. Take the water hands into your hands; stretch your arms out to shoulder height. Now lower your arms towards the thigh and then lift them back to the water surface.

Benefits: This exercise will challenge your big back muscles and your shoulder muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #2

Stretch your arms backward and grab the pool noodle at both ends. Press them firmly behind the back, then release

Benefits: To strengthen your back muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #3

Put your hands in paddles. Imagine the feet shoulder-width apart, the knees slightly bent, and your arms hanging sideways on the body. Now move the arms forward to the water surface, while the paddles surfaces point upwards. Now, twist your hands that face the faces down, and pass them past the body past.

Benefits: This exercise will strengthen your upper back muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #4

Imagine you are stable; your feet are together, your knees slightly angled. Also, your arms are angled to the side of the body. Now jump slightly up, pulling your knees to your chest as you extend your arms downwards. Then land again with your feet on the ground, the arms is angled again.

Benefits: This promotes your chest muscles, your triceps, and the straight abdominal muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #5

Place your shoulders and arms on the pool noodle and grasp the ends. Stretch your body on the water surface for a long time and then turn your hip to the left and to the right.

Benefits: This training is too oblique belly muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #6

Imagine stable, the legs slightly shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms aside, your palms facing forward. Now bring your hands together in front of your body, the arms remain stretched. Then, turn the palm back out and guide your hands back to the side.

Benefits:  To strengthen your chest and back shoulder muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #7

Imagine your legs are giddy. Hold a soft rubber ball in front of your body with your arms extended. Press the ball again and again with your hands – how high or low you hold the ball, does not matter.

Benefits: This will train your chest muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #8

Imagine the legs are far riddled, your knees bent, and your feet point outwards. Hold the water hands firmly; your arms hang loosely between the ratchet legs. Now raise your arms. First of all, guide both arms forward at the same time. Then lower it again, and then stretch it to the side.

Benefits: This strengthens your upper body muscles.

Water Aerobics Exercise #9

The feet stand parallel on the ground and press down. In the jump, the legs are pulled to the body, and the arms are guided downwards. Turn the legs sideways to the outside and jump out like a frog. Bring the arms down between the legs. Stretch the arms forward to the front, and then push them back against the water resistance.

Benefits: This exercise relieves in the spine and joint problems.

Water Aerobics Exercise#10

Stand upright and stretch arms of honor on your shoulder in the water. The figures are separated by a wide range of angles. Legs are stretched. Pull the knees to the belly. The arms are filing sideways downwards. Then stretch the legs again and arms to the shoulder. The upper body should be as small as possible for a long time.

Benefits: This exercise is beneficial for abdominal muscles.