Top 10 Best Swimming Goggles 2020 – Reviews

We have picked a list that contains the best swim goggles in the market right now, to make things easier for you, we have selected the top 10 goggles based on the below mentioned features, alongside their short reviews to help you have a better understanding of what you are about to buy.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of best swim goggles to buy in 2020.

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles
U-FIT Comfort Fit Swim Goggles
Incite Elites Pro Performance Adult Unisex Goggles
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swim Goggle
Aegend Clear Lens Swimming Goggles
VITCHELO Mirrored Adult Swimming Goggles
Speedo Mirrored Swim Goggle for Women
Ispeed Mirror Pro Swim Goggle
Speedo Hydrospex Swim Goggle

#1 Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne, made in Italy, this swim goggle has been in the market for quite some time and is taking people by surprise. Few best features about this goggle is the curved lens for peripheral vision, over-sized, 180-degree visibility.

The fitting is perfect for all people, even very well fit on people with big head – it has a nice quick fit buckle using which you can adjust it quickly and fast even after wearing it.

This comfortable adjustment makes this swim goggle breeze to use, whether you swimming in the open water or pool.

It’s a well built, good looking and scratch resistant make Aqua Sphere Kayenne one of the best swimming goggle.

#2 Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggle is one of the best selling swimming goggle right now!

It’s a successor of classic fit vanquisher with improved features added to it such as UV protection, anti-fog lenses, mirrored lens coating helps to reduce glare and 100% PVC free. The goggle comes in multiple colors.

The cushioned silicone seal makes this goggle extremely comfortable, and if you are having concerns about customize fitting, then don’t worry, the goggle comes with 3 improved interchangeable nose pieces for custom fitting.

The Vanquisher 2.0 didn’t really have any major downsides, but there are some concern which we want to bring some light on, such as the goggles are too dark (mirrored), which means your vision will be much “smokier” if the pool isn’t lit up well making it inappropriate for indoor swimming – where normally light is not sufficient.

#3 U-FIT Comfort Fit Swim Goggles – Comes With Case

U-FIT Comfort Fit

The U-Fit swimming goggle is amazing and competing well with the top brands like Speedo and Aqua Sphere.

The build quality top notch, and it works brilliantly for both men and women. The nose piece is nicely designed to fit all type of face shape and sizes, suitable for both – adults or kids.

The goggles have easily adjustable fasten clip in the back that keeps the goggle tide and won’t let it slide.

Sturdy design, 100% U.V. protection, anti-shatter and a nice tint are few features that will grab your attention. Although the glass is mirror coated but it gives you clear view underwater.

The U-Fit swimming goggles come with fancy little case and a fantastic product replacement support!

#4 Incite Elites Pro Performance Adult Unisex Swimming Goggle

Incite Elites Swim Goggles with Ear & Nose Plugs

This swimming goggle from Incite Elites has been designed after studying top athletes. The goggle comes with a nice and free protective case, two pairs of ear plugs, and 1 nose clip.

The goggle is very comfortable due to the soft rubber – it is designed in a fashion that it actually gets a seal without a ton of suction on the eyes. The goggle is large enough to fit on normal shaped face or big face.

The down side of this swimming goggle is that it is not super clear underwater, although it’s very clear outside water but a bit blurry if you swim longer.

We recommend storing goggle in the provided pouch after swimming, because it will scratch easily.

When you buy Incite Elite you will get a life time warranty!

#5 Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swim Goggle

Aqua Sphere Kaiman

Aqua Sphere yet again, with a marvelous model Kaiman. This is great swimming goggle features all of the features found in Kayenne, with few exceptions including the price.

The body and frame is very flexible and have the best buckle adjust-ability which you won’t find in other goggles – just push a little button on the side and pull the belt. It’s so good.

You can even do it while you are wearing them. They are prone to a bit fogging, but in acceptable range, not that much that you can’t see anything.

The goggle seal is extremely well and seem to keep most, if not all, water out of your easy.

#6 Aegend Light Blue/Clear Lens Swimming Goggles

Aegend Light Blue Goggle

Aegend isn’t a big brand but it offer an affordable, feature rich and one of the best swim goggle, due to its larger size it is  suitable for almost all people – kids, adults, and even tri-athletes.

The goggle is extremely comfortable due to the flexible silicon frame. Light blue and clear lens are suitable for indoor or outdoor swimming.

A free protection case, anti-fog and UV protection makes it’s a perfect choice for your next swimming competition.

#7 VITCHELO Mirrored Adult Swimming Goggles

VITCHELO Mirrored Adult Swim Goggles

The Vitchelo swim goggles come in three attractive colors (silver, blue and red). If you prefer mirrored swimming goggles, then this might be an ideal choice for you.

Looking at its features, such as a free nose plug, life time guarantee and attractive tinted lens won’t stop you buying this piece of charm.

Other features includes: the goggle is 100% PVC and latex free, a sturdy double band strap and nose piece for great fitting and it won’t let goggle slip while swimming.

This swim goggles are suitable for adult men and women.

#8 Speedo Mirrored Swim Goggle – Best for Women

Speedo Women's Vanquisher

The Speedo brand continues to make its name in swimming products, this one is no exception. The Vanquisher mirrored swim goggle specially designed for women swimmers.

The lens are poly-carbonate with UV protection, anti-fog coating, mirrored coating, and hypoallergenic soft silicone seal which makes it a perfect choice for professional as well recreational swimmers.

Most of the swimming goggles which normally slip off from head slightly and water would get into it makes it irritating while swimming.

However the Vanquisher has soft silicone strap and cushioned protection that won’t let water in, they never slip off and fit comfortably on your face.

It comes with three nose bridges for custom fitting. The beautiful color glasses are tinted to reduce glare from sun and reflection from the water which makes it a perfect swimming goggle to buy.

#9 Ispeed Mirror Pro Swim Goggle

Ispeed Mirror Pro Swim Goggle

This mirrored Ispeed goggle is designed for professional swimmers and hobbyists.

The item is made up of silicone rubber strap and poly-carbonate lens which are soft and ergonomically designed to prevent any pressure on your eyes while you swim.

You will get three improved interchangeable nose pieces for perfect fit.

The Ispeedo swimming goggles are great keeping the water out and the reflective lens does not cause any glare or concerns, stylish and fairly comfortable swim goggles at an affordable price.

#10 Speedo Hydrospex Swim Goggle

Speedo Hydrospex Swim Goggles

Yet another great goggle from Speedo – their products are really unmatched in performance.

The Speedo Hydrospex Swim Goggle has a Soft and comfortable TPR frame and an outer eye fit. The eyeglasses are of shatter resistant lexan lens.

This goggle is for adults only, check this variant for kids and/or small face. The dual strapping keeps the goggles in place when you dive into the water and while you swim. They are best goggles for recreational swimming.

Why you need Swim Goggles?

A swimming goggle can make your life much simpler by helping you protect your eyes in underwater and let you see clearly through the water, whether the light is good or bad.

No matter you are a professional or a casual swimmer, it’s always better to think about your eye’s safety.

A good pair of swim goggles won’t cost you too much – it’s just a matter of dollars and you have full proof safety of your eyes under water.

Features You Should Look Before Buying

Before you shell out some money on buying best swimming goggles, you should have knowledge about what features makes a goggle good apart from the brand name off course.

There are a stack of brands that produces swim goggles, such as Speedo and Aqua Sphere to name a few, but there are also few small and less known brands who producing good swimming goggles if not great.

Also there are different models from same brand, but each model offer different features then the other, so you have lot of option when it comes to buying the a swim goggle.

A good swimming goggle should be stand up to everyday wear and tear, it should be easy to use, doesn’t fog fast, don’t let water into your eyes and more important protect your eyes from the water.

Apart from above mentioned features, we talked to many swimmers about what’s most important to them while choosing the best swim goggles, here is what we get from most of them:

  • Lens material: most of the lens are made of poly-carbonate
  • Strap material
  • Anti-fog
  • UV protection
  • Durability
  • Price

Types of Swimming Goggles

There are many types of swim goggles such as these:

  • Swedish
  • Gasket
  • Face Masks
  • Prescription
  • Tinted

We have covered more detail about things you should consider before buying swimming goggles here.

Aqua Sphere Vista Junior

Aqua Sphere Vista Junior Swim Goggle Review

Aqua Sphere is slowing getting traction when it comes to producing quality products for swimmers, especially swimming goggles.

One of its best product is swim goggles for kids i.e. Vista Junior.

When your kid is going to a swimming pool, it is very important to get for him/ her best goggles in order to protect his/her eyes from water (mostly the water contains sufficient amount of chlorine, which can be a cause of eye irritation or redness, in case eyes are not protected by swimming goggles).

When you buy Vista Junior you will get a pack of 2. The goggle have a comfortable and leak resistant skirt.

Each goggle has a very nice design and interesting color combination – clear lime frame along with blue lens and pink/ white frame with blue lens (it also has other color variations).

Salient Features of Vista Junior Swim Goggles


The stylish design makes the goggles attractive even for those kids who do not like wearing them at all.

The unique design will help differentiate your goggles among hundreds of others in the pool.

The goggles have four-point expanded vision and buckles that can fit quickly by one touch. They offer 100% protection from ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB).

Aqua sphere offers junior goggles that are scratch–resistant (the lenses of goggles) and have anti-fog lenses. Unless many other goggles they do not fog up no matter where and how long you swim.

These special goggles provide expanded visibility and are suitable for children under the age of 8. They are perfectly fit for kids aged 3-6.

They have great adjust-ability on the straps, thus providing the best solution to sealing around the eyes, additionally, on the back of the head the goggles have very comfortable bands.

They keep the water away from the eyes of your kids, as they fit perfectly on the kid’s face.

The kids can easily put the goggles themselves, the goggles are designed in a way to be easily adjustable even by a kid.

The kids normally hesitate while going into the swimming pool because as they go inside they can’t see anything clearly thus they afraid, wearing this goggles they can clearly see everything thus they enjoy under water and stay more underwater.

Taking care of Vista Junior Swim Goggles


  • When your kids come back from the pool, make sure to wash the goggles with fresh water and let them dry in the open air.
  • After they dry, store them in a special case (you need to purchase it separately) to protect and ensure long lifetime.
  • Do not leave them under the sun for long time; do not store them if still wet.
  • Avoid putting them in the same box with sharp objects that might damage the lenses or the strap.

This special junior swim goggles combine all the best technologies used by Aqua sphere.

They provide comfort to your kid and the best protection for their eyes.

Your kids will love the great design with fun colors and you will love the fact that your kid’s eyes are 100% protected from irritation.

If you don’t want to buy 2 pack you can buy this single piece.

Top 10 Best Prescription Swimming Goggles 2020

Best RX Swim GogglesThere are lots of swimmers with poor eyesight and wear optical glasses to cleanly see the things in and out of water.

If you are one of them, we feel sorry for you, and if you wanted to know whether you should swim with/out your contact lenses/optics, the best advice we can give you is buy and use prescription swimming goggle for 2 reasons (there are many apart from these 2).


  1. You can see clearly underwater
  2. Improvement in your competitive swimming speed

We already discussed how to choose a prescription swim goggle if you haven’t see that.

Here is the list of:

10 Best Prescription Swimming Goggles to Buy in 2020

BestRX Swimming Goggles
Speedo Vanquisher, Anti-Fog Treatment, Crisp & Clear Vision
TYR Corrective Optical Performance One-size fits all
Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles - Free ear plugs & carrying case
Vitchelo Optical Mirrored Swimming Goggles Custom diopter level
IST RX Prescription Swim Goggle Dive-mask style side buckle
View+ RX Optical Swim Goggles
Sable WaterOptics RS 101 Mirrored Goggles
Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles
Corrective Nearsighted Perfect for nearsighted swimmers
ZIONOR G3 RX Prescription Optical Corrective Goggles

1 – Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

Speedo Optical Swim Goggle

This comes with the same look and feel of Speedo’s standard Vanquisher swim goggles, with an added feature that offers help for swimmers with deficient eyesight.

This is something similar as a pair of reading glasses, all you have to do is just choose your necessary diopter level and you are done!

You can now enjoy clear vision underwater. Built with poly-carbonate lenses this goggle is sturdy, with a soft silicon seal making it comfortable to wear and complete watertight.

2 – TYR Corrective Optical Performance Goggle

TYR Corrective Optical Swim GoggleThis pair of goggle from TYR is a perfect fit for people with poor vision, wearing it won’t require you to use contact lenses or blurred vision underwater.

This is a corrective optical goggle featuring a common eye socket frame design for exceptional fit for almost all head-sizes.

It uses optical rating poly-carbonate lenses, comfortable thermal plastic rubber gaskets that provide comfort and leak-proof fit.

3 – Splaqua Optical Swim Goggle with Corrective Lenses

Splaqua Optical Corrective LensesThis is not a brand like Speedo & TYR but this is feature rich and affordable corrective lenses swim goggles.

Available in diopters -1.5 though -1000, this is a perfect optical goggle designed for corrective vision while swimming and feature a fully treated diopters lens for farsightedness.

It Comes in multiple colors, clear or tinted lens makes it suitable for almost all swimming conditions (indoor or outdoor).

4 – Vitchelo Optical Mirrored Swim Goggles

Prescription Sport GogglesThe Vitchelo Mirrored Swim Goggles offers a free nose clip, anti-fog, UV protection and it provides a great leak resistant soft comfortable silicone gasket and flexible strap makes it a perfect fit for all men or women.

The nose bridge is adjustable for custom fit – the goggle is available in only one color-Red.

What makes this goggle more attractive is, it come with carrying case & free silicone nose clip and 60 days money back warranty!

5 – IST RX Prescription Swim Goggle with Optical Corrective Lens

IST RX prescription swim GoggleThe IST RX prescription swim Goggle is a dive-mask style side buckle adjustable suitable for kids and adults.

It has all the standard features of a RX goggle, however it does not cover the nose like a mask and only available in one color.

Its features includes – anti-UV/anti-fog, lenses are shatterproof, scratch-resistant, and soft, hypoallergenic, injection-molded silicone eye-cups and split strap provide a secure and comfortable fit.

You have the option to buy only the lens, or goggle box, or strap & buckle, or complete set.

6 – ViewPlus RX Prescription Swim Goggle

Best Prescription Swim Goggle

This one also comes in only single color and design, but you will find all the standard features of a good prescription swimming goggles.

Such as anti-fog, 100% UV protection, 3 Nose bridges, high quality silicone strap and Corrective lens.

You will end up with better swimming experience and clear vision underwater after wearing these goggles.

The goggles are sturdily and also come with a carrying case which makes goggle’s life longer.  The price is reasonable and anyone can afford to buy it.

7 – Sable WaterOptics Flat Lens Mirrored Goggles

Best Prescription Swim Goggle

The RX swim goggles from Sable WaterOptics are probably the best mirrored goggle but costs a bit high compare to other items on this page. It looks very fashionable but unfortunately comes in only single color and design.

The RS 101 goggles are specifically designed for competitive swimming performance, features includes spherical & flat lens technology, anti-fog, easily adjusted, and comfortable fit strap makes it a perfect fit for all size faces.

Few people complain that they get slight leak in their goggle due to the fact that the suctioning cups are made of hard rubber instead of soft material.

Make sure you regularly clean and do needed maintenance to keep the anti-fog function to work longer.

8 – Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles

Best Prescription Swim Goggle

This Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles is suitable for both men and women. Built with soft and sturdy materiel this goggle is comfortable to fit on different size faces.

What is more fascinating is this goggle gives you life time replacement guarantee.

The goggle comes in only 2 colors (black and blue). Anti-fog and UV protection makes it a perfect for long swimming hours.

But be careful not to touch or rub the lenses, rinse with fresh water and dry it, if you rub or touch you will make scratch on lenses.

They fit great, no leak with minimal tension and the case is well made as well.

9 – F&C Corrective Nearsighted Swimming Goggles with Ear Plug 

Best Prescription Swim Goggle

This swim goggles comes with different Diopters and is a perfect product for nearsighted swimmers.

The lenses are made up of poly carbonate that is 100% UV protected and anti-fog which helps you see clearly in water.

The 3 piece exchangeable nose bridge is great and can be adjusted comfortable to any size of your face.

The goggle is 100% waterproof thanks to the silicon rubber eye cups that keep water away from entering into your eyes while swimming.

The goggles come with earplugs attached. Reasonable price makes it very affordable to own for anyone.

10 – ZIONOR G3 RX Prescription Optical Corrective Swim Mask

Best Prescription Swim GoggleWhen you buy this RX swim goggle you will get 1 swim nose clip, 2 ear plugs, and 1 protective case all free!

This tinted swim goggle is great for indoor and outdoor swimming, comes in multiple colors and different prescription diopters.

It’s best to consult with an your optometrist for correct diopters of each eye before buying this goggle because there is some minor changes (0.5 deviation)due to its different from standard corrective glass.

One downside for this goggle is the lenses are plastic and the mirror finish is easily scratched if the goggles are left lens side down, so always make sure to put it into the protective case that is included when you purchase this item.

The strap fitting is good they stayed in place and were comfortable even during extended use.

Important note as you are buying online you won’t be able to get the trial of a swim goggle so before you go ahead and buy the one it’s highly suggested that you read the review of the product before choosing the perfect one that fits on your head nicely.

Here is tip if you get a chance to try the goggle – when you put the goggles over your eyes it should suck on for few seconds without you put the head band, after that open your eyes broadly when placing the goggles on and then calm down your eyes and let go of the goggles, if the goggle fall immediately it means the goggles do not fit on your face perfectly.

Whether you are poor eyesight person with an optical glass or a normal person without any eye problems it’s highly recommended that you use swimming goggles while going into the pool.

It’s one of the best and must have swimming accessories for your eyes’ protection.


To conclude this ten of the best prescription swimming goggles blog post, we tried our best to provide you all the necessary things you should consider before buying a prescription swim goggle now you can make the best possible decision based on the facts we discussed in this article.

You should keep in mind that finding a winner isn’t easy; however, the one pair of goggles that managed to stand out was Speedo Vanquisher, but obviously everyone have their own specific requirements and likening, we hope we at least narrow your selection to these top 10.


How to Protect Your Eyes & Hair While Swimming

Hair & Eyes ProtectionAlmost all swimming pools contain chlorine, which is used to keep the pool free of bacteria and debris.

The chlorine that is used in the swimming pools hardly can have any serious effect on your skin; it can irritate your eyes, but it does not have the same effect like undiluted chlorine.

Despite of this, it is always better to have some protection – a swimming cap and goggles.

Chlorine has a drying effect: when you enter a swimming pool without a swimming cap (or with a cap that doesn’t fit you well) your hair shafts will start absorbing chlorine which at some point will cause your hair becoming dry.

There are several steps you can take in order to prevent any damage caused by the chlorine.

Step 1: Before entering the swimming pool, you should take a shower (the majority of swimming pools require this).

If you have a possibility – wash your hair thoroughly before going to the pool. This will impregnate your hair shafts and will help your hair to absorb less chlorine when in the water.

Step 2: Use conditioner. After applying the conditioner comb your hair the way that all the ends are coated. This helps your hair to limit the amount of chlorine absorbed by your hair.

Note, that your hair should not be slippery, otherwise your swimming cap might slip off.

Best Swimming CapsStep 3: Put on a swimming cap. Even if you have very short hair, use a swimming cap. For many people it is pretty difficult to put on the cap.

You need to hold the sides of the cap when you pull it over your forehead. If you have very long hair, do not try to put your hair under the cap from the first try.

Put the cap leaving the long hair in the back. When you are comfortable with your cap, twist your hair and afterwards tuck it under the cap.

Step 4: After you leave the swimming pool, remove your cap accurately not to damage your hair, thoroughly wash it with a soap or shampoo and dry it.

Wash your cap with fresh water, dry it and store – this will help to prolong the life time of your cap.
When in the swimming pool your eyes can get very irritated and that might disturb you while swimming.

If you are wearing contact lenses, you need to remove them before getting into the swimming pool as the chlorine absorbs like a sponge.

However, if you there is no way for you to swim without lenses, you need to keep in mind that the best you can do is to throw away your lenses after you exit the swimming pool.

As a second choice you can order swimming goggles. In many countries this is a quite affordable product. You can get one for around $$, depending on the brand, quality, etc.

Swim GogglesIt is suggested that you wear swimming goggles when in the swimming pool.

You need to get goggles that fit you perfectly, otherwise your eyes still can be in contact with water which in its turn may cause irritation. Probably all goggles are adjustable, so you can adjust them the way that is most convenient for you.

After exiting the swimming pool do not forget to rinse your goggles with fresh water and store them in a special case.

Take proper care of your swimming equipment and it will serve you for a long time!

Prescription Swimming Goggles

How To Choose Prescription Swimming Goggles

Do you have prescription goggles?

Do you want to see through clearly without using lenses while swimming?

Do you know that it is better not to go into swimming pool with contact lenses?

Well, there is a solution to this – you can purchase prescription goggles for swimming and no need to worry about damaging your eyesight or contact lenses.

Looking for the Best RX Goggles?

Here is a list of  Top 10 Best Prescription Swimming Goggles.

Prescription Swimming Goggles come with special lenses that have different strength levels.

Nowadays, there are several companies that produce prescription goggles.

This means that you have the opportunity to choose between different brands and different price ranges.

Many people believe that prescription goggles are expensive, however they are quite affordable for a person with an average income.

The price of goggles starts approximately from $$ and goes up, depending on the quality, brand, etc.

Prescription Swimming GogglesThere are several things you need to know before purchasing your prescription goggles.

The first thing is to find out your OD (Ocular Dexter) and OS (Ocular Sinister), in other words the eyesight of your right eye and left eye respectfully.

Cylinder is required if you have astigmatism. Consult with your doctor about this issue in order to order goggles with the correct lens.

Sphere is the measure of weakness degree in diopters (if you are nearsighted your eyesight measurement number will always be negative). You can use the formula provided below for calculating what type of prescription goggles you need

Diopter strength = Sphere + (1/2 x cylinder)

Let’s consider that the sphere is -1.5 and the cylinder is -1. In that case your lens will be -1.5 + (1/2 x -1) = -2 step diopter lens.

You need to keep in mind that producers adjust it a little bit in order to keep reasonable pricing, so it might not fit you perfectly. There is also a possibility to choose the frame.

When you purchase your goggles try them on to see if they fit you.

In case you feel uncomfortable you can try to return them to the store or exchange before using.

During recent years the demand of prescription swim goggles has increased and producers started to offer both recreational and racing style goggles.

If you are a professional swimmer you will most probably look for racing prescription goggles, while if you are just going to the pool once in a while you can go with recreational prescription goggles.

Some brands offer an opportunity to change the lens when required, such as Aqua Sphere.

If you decide to change the lens in the goggle, before ordering a new one make sure that it will fit your goggles, consult with the seller before purchasing one.

Prescription goggles do not require special care, you need to do the same steps as you would do with other goggles.

  • Rinse the goggles with fresh water after exiting the pool
  • Put them in a clean place so that they dry and store them in a special case (in case you goggles came without case, purchase one)
  • Keep your prescription goggles away from heat or hot water to insure that lenses will not get damaged

If you are not sure which goggles to buy head over to this blog-post where we have listed Top 10 Best Prescription Swimming Goggles.