Swimming Games for Kids in 2020

{20+} Swimming Games for Kids

Swimming is not only good for health but also very enjoying activity for adults and kids. There are many benefits of swimming, such as physical activity improves cognitive abilities of all ages including kids. However we are not going to talk about swimming benefits in this article, instead we are talking about fun part of the swimming 🙂 more specifically swimming pool games.

We are discussing some of the very interesting and fun games adults and kids can play in a swimming pool. Here is a list of 20+ games that kids can play indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

Note: this list is keep updated, keep us inform about any other game that you think we missed.

Swimming Pool Games for Kids in 2020

1 – Popsicle

In this pool game, you will require 4 or more players. It is a fun game. Designate an area in the pool where all the participants gather. Every member has to stand with their heads above the water surface. With mutual consent, you will choose It person. He will tag the rest. The tag player will stand still in the place with its handstand above their heads like a popsicle. A person cannot be tagged underwater.

2 – Ping pong Scramble

You can add up to 5 or more participants. A member can put numbers or choose different ping pong balls for teams. One member will toss the balls in the pool while team members of both the teams will collect their respective balls. It is an enjoyable pursuit.

3 – Noodle tennis

The things require are one noodle per player and a beach ball. Two teams are evenly divided. They serve the beach ball with noodles. It is important to keep it in the air. If the ball touches the water the opponent team gets the point.

4 – Noodle Joust

it is a game played by an even number of players. Two players sit in the center of the pool in an inflatable raft. All the others try to knock them off the raft with the help of noodle.

5 – Belly flop contest

It is a game for the brave ones. Players have to jump into the pool belly first. The game is to create the loudest sound of the clap when a player dives. It needs high pain tolerance.

6 – Breath-holding contest

Keeping an eye on the stopwatch, players take a deep breath and go underwater. They stay underwater for as long as they can. A judge keeps an eye on the recorded time. the player who stays under the water for long is the winner of the game. There is a warning of lightheadedness and hyperventilation with this game.

7 – Deep-sea treasure hunt

In this fun game, a person tosses a handful of various coins, nickels, dimes, and pennies in the pool. Players are asked to search the sunken treasure. They are given a time limit to collect the coins. The player who collects more is the winner. Players can dive in and collect all the coins at once or can dive more than once in the time limit.

8 – Dolphins and Sharks

In this game, even numbers of players are required. All the players are divided into two teams. One player is selected as a leader who randomly calls out a team. The called out team swims to the safest area quickly. Meanwhile, the other team tries to tag as many swimmers as they can. For a fun twist, the tag players now have to join the opposing teams.

9 – Floatie race

It is a fun race on an inflatable object. It can be a tube or sharks or crocodile or anything. Players are called out to line up on their floaties on side of the pool. On the go, the players have to race to get to the opposite end of the pool on their floaties.

10 – Duck push

It is a fun game with rubber duck involved. The players line up on one side of the pool with rubber ducks in front of them. The goal is to race the rubber duck to the finishing line by using the player’s nose or breath. There is a strong warning of no touching or holding the duck. To make the game more fun players are allowed to divert opponents’ ducks but no hands involved.

11 – Handstand contest

It is a classic swimming pool game. It is a popular and simple contest. Players compete while standing on their hands in the water keeping their feet apart out of the water. The judge notices a time for how long a player holds breathe underwater. The player has to handstand underwater for the longest. If he falls over or his feet touch the surface, he loses the game instantly.

12 – Splash dance

Eight or more players are required in this game. It is a synchronized game where teams have to be creative and funny to present their dance skit. In splash, dance players can use props costumes and even the lighting around the pool to enhance their dance presentation.

13 – F.I.S.H

It is a creative and fun game of shadowing your opponent. A player has to move exactly as his opponent. When playing F.I.S.H a player copies all the actions of the opponent. Being unsuccessful in copying your opponent and spelling out F.I.S.H can lead to lose the game.

14 – Invisi-bottle

It is a pool game with the concept of the needle in the haystack. All the players are asked to face opposite to the pool. A player goes in the pool and fill up the bottle with the water and drops it in the pool. On the count, the players are asked to turn around and find the bottle in the pool.

15 – Pennies in the pool

This game is about having fun with pennies inside the pool. The contestants are divided into two teams and both the teams are asked to search for the pennies. The team that collects more pennies wins the game.

16 – Wishing pond

It is a fun driving game for kids where they dive to the bottom of the pool and collect nickels thrown by their parents. The collection of nickels determines the winner of the game.

Top 10 Best Above Ground Pools Reviews 2019

If you are a swimmer and/or you are someone who enjoys being in water and want to spend most of your time underwater with your family members, but you don’t have a swimming pool at your home, then it is a better choice to own an above ground pool.

Having an above ground pool is both convenient and doesn’t required much space compared to the normal swimming pool which required a lot of money and space to own it.

Buying the best above ground pool is a confusing, especially when you are first time buyer. There are sheer number of products available in the market and choosing the perfect one is tedious and hard.

We are here to help you buy the best above ground pool available for sale in the market. We are sure after reading this whole article you will feel comfortable and hopefully you will buy the perfect one for your particular requirements.

Here is the list with a short review of each item.

Intex 18×48 Easy Set Pool with Filter Pump, Ladder, and Pool Cover

Intex 18x48 Easy Set Pool SetThis above ground pool from Intex ensures that you and your family have a wonderful time and enjoy the sturdy pool. It provides easy-to-use and inflatable rings that make the pool balance and stable.

The dimension gives room for your kids and family members have fun while also cooling off the hot weather of the summer.

All you have to have a well-leveled ground for this above ground pool to setup and enhance the pool and avoid any tension on the liners.

The one drawback we notice on this pool is that it has a very weak filter that cannot guarantee clean and swim-able pool at all the time. You may have to buy an additional filter pump to get a desired outcome. Apart from that, the pool is great and value for money spent.

See Latest Price & Reviews

Summer Escapes 10ft Quick Set Ring Pool

Summer Escapes 10x30 Quick Set Ring PoolThe summer escape above ground pool is such an escape route from the hotness of the summer times. It is 30-inches pool fits perfectly to provide the needed succor and lots easier to set up than most other pool sets.

Easy to set up on a leveled ground while the size is not so big and wide, it makes up for this with great and sleek design with an additional filter cartridge included and also comes with covers to catch rainwater from house roof.

A drawback is that the pump takes lot of time to move water as it takes almost a day to fill with water.

See Latest Price & Reviews

Bestway Rectangular Deluxe Splash Frame Pool

Bestway 118x79 Deluxe Splash Frame PoolThis is one of the best pool made from Bestway with complete features to make users enjoy the summer time at home in the water, the pool also provide strength and durability and long life.

With a very affordable price, there is much to benefits from this frame above ground pool that boosts design that makes it easy to setup and desired depth for an absolute cooling for both adults and kids.

This little rectangular pool (considering the small size), makes stability easier with its reinforced rope wraps around the bottom of the pool liner to keep the legs firmly in position.

With its frame made and built from steel, you can be sure it will last you and your family more than a summer.

Only drawbacks include the absence of tarp cover and its inability to pump water into the pool fast. Overall, it’s a good buy that gives good cooling comfort.

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Intex 12×30 Easy Set (Metal Frame) Pool with Filter Pump

Intex 12x30 Easy Set Pool Set with Filter PumpThis is a great and amazing above ground pool set from Intex. This pool is wide enough for kids and parents to have the best of time relaxing inside a cool pool. Make sure you level the ground where the pool set was placed and make sure every other things works perfectly before using it.

There is an issue we faced while using this pool, the filter pump is never working enough to give a crystal neat and clean water needed for good cooling effect. A replacement works fine with more efficiency.

Another drawback is the leakage that exists at the holes where the pipe goes through. We had to patch as a solution to the poor leakage. Other than those two drawbacks, the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool works fine.

Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool 15 Ft

Steel Pro 15x48 Frame Above Ground PoolThis is another amazing product from Bestway and an improvement as regards the dimension of the pool set. This frame pool set has amazing designs that makes it absolutely easy to set up, with a 3-ply band that gives extra support.

We got this frame pool set with so much excitement having enjoyed and relished the 118 x 79 x 26 Inches pool set made by Bestway. We are happy that this above ground pool gives much more features with great depth and no bulging due to unleveled ground.

We are sure that this pro frame pool set will gives you and your kids much comfort and relaxation with its design and features.

There are some cons we wanted to shed some light on, it has a problem with the openings of the inlets and outlets which are not well reinforce.

The filter drags on the openings, making me wonder if they’ll eventually pull out, taking half the pool water with them. Overall, the Bestway steel pro frame pool 15 ft is nice and effective.

Intex 15×48 Pool Easy Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, and Ground Cloth & Pool Cover

Intex 15x48 Metal Frame Above Ground Pool with Pool CoverThis is yet another above ground pool from Intex that ensures simple and effortless set up at the favorite spot in your home. It is an improvement over the previous Intex pool set with its sidewalls support and reinforcement which gives more strength and durability.

Drawbacks however include the holes that may cause leakages, the long time for pumping water (this does not correspond with the 45 minutes given by the manufacturer). Apart from those, the pool set gives a sturdy and solid pool for utmost pleasure in summer weather.

Bestway Rectangular Splash Pool 94″ 59″ X 23″

Bestway Rectangular Splash Above Ground PoolThis awesome looking rectangular shaped above ground pool is yet another great splash pool from the Bestway that gives additional features including a high water capacity and flow control drain valves to make water draining effortless.

We got this pool set for our testing, it’s small in size and great for kids to have a time of their own because of the pool set small space, but it can also be used by adults with some precaution.

Apart from the small dimension, the rim of the pool is slippery which can cause accidents and injuries to kids, other features are perfect and of good value for your money. It is sturdy, seamless to put up and a good cooling place against the hotness of the summer days.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Above Ground Pool

above ground poolsHuman beings from the time of creation have always been searching for how to solve problems encountered in different spheres of life.

Taking a look at our weather, it is known to everyone that the summer time is associated with lots of heat from high temperature. This constitutes a discomfort to man and in quest to find solution and remedy to this problem, a pool was made.

If you are planning to buy a above ground pool, check this list of top 10 above ground pools.

The pool is made to serve the purpose of getting people refreshed and cool even in the comfort of their homes and apartments. This is normally called in or above ground pools.

It is usually made of different sizes and dimensions and with pump and filter that help to pump in water, inflammable rings, frame and other vital components. This pool set serve as a place of succor for both adults and kids in the summer time and season.

In this article, I will discuss and explain issues that are associated with above ground pools.

What to consider before buying an above ground pool

  • Size and Dimension
    It is very important to consider and know which size of the above ground pool is good enough for you. If you want to be part of the pool fun every summer with your kids and pet, you should be considering a wide size pool which will give enough space for your fantasy.
  • Installation and setting up
    Above ground pools are meant for your homes and therefore, you must consider the ease of setting up the pool. You have to buy the ones you can easily set up and install. This is important because summer time will pass on and you may need to remove the pool till the following summer before installing again.
  • Safety and Durability
    Safety is key and despite the fact that lots of above ground pools are safe for adults and kids, you must still consider it before buying. Some pools have slippery base and this is a concern. The durability of the pool is very vital and you must be sure you are not buying a pool that will always cost you cash to fix leakages, replace components and others.
  • Price and Brand
    Get the above ground pool of your choice at a good price. You must check every features to be sure it is value for money. The manufacturing brand is also very important. This gives you the warranty when issues arise as regards your pool. Go for the good and reputable brands of above ground pools.

Sizes and Shape of above ground pools

Above ground pools are made in several sizes and dimensions, and in different shapes too. For the shapes, we have Round, Oval and Rectangular shapes of above ground pools.

Sizes for round shapes include 12foot to 33foot around. For the Oval shape, we have 12X24, 15X30, 18X33, 18X40, 21X41 sizes. For the rectangular shapes of above ground pools, 9X18, 9X19, 9X41, 12X21, 12X22, 12X24, 15X25 dimensions. 

The best place to install the above ground pool in your house

When looking or determining the best position or place to install the above ground pool in your house, there are some factors to consider. These factors include:

  • Soil and ground topography
    The place you choose to install your above ground pool must be a place with leveled ground, not sloppy. It should also be a place with stable soil. This is so because the best support for the pool is the ground and therefore it must not be perfect for the pool.
  • Setbacks and Drainage
    For some houses and homes, there restrictions of how close you can build to the property line. Check your local building department to be sure of this. Also you must consider drainage as above ground pools contain lots of water which must be properly drained without causing tension around the pool. Look for a place with no restriction and with good access to drainage.
  • Maintenance and Safety
    It is always good to site your above ground pool in a location that you can easily see it so as to guarantee safety. Most people may think the backyard is cool with trees as shade but trees are threat to your maintenance because leaves drop on the pool and the roots can cause ground and soil instability.

Taking Care of the above ground pool

There are several ways to take care of an above ground pool. Such ways include;

  1. Removing the dirt in the filter. These can be done for different types of filters such as cartridge filters, sand filters and so on.
  2. Do a weekly check for the pool PH. Make good adjustment when necessary.
  3. Shock the above ground pool regularly to maintain crystal clean water that is healthy.
  4. You may need to apply chlorine if it is required.

Hope this article will help you choose the best above ground pools for upcoming hot summer.