Learn To Swim – What You Need To Know As A Beginner Swimmer

If you have finally decided to learn how to swim, first of all you need to understand whether you want to learn it on your own or your want to take classes with a qualified coach.

The best way, of course, is to train with a specialist, as there are many minor things that the coach can teach you, while if you learning on your own, you will miss very important details and the effectiveness will not be as high as when learning with a professional.

When you decide to learn how swim, for the first time you need to judge your abilities fairly.

Do you need a instructor?

First of all, if you are afraid of water or if you have had some incidents related to the water, inform your trainer in advance. This will give the instructor a better idea on how to teach you swimming.

If you are afraid of entering the water you can make use of life jackets or kicks for the first few lessons (until you get used to being in the water).

You need to keep in mind that no matter how old you are you should not be ashamed of wearing a swimming vest or rings or making use of kicks or other equipment. Everyone started to learn how to swim more or less the same way.

Some new learners are afraid of putting their face into the water. This is mainly coming from the fact that they do not know how breathe under the water. First learn how to breathe, this is the main challenge that you need to overcome.

Once you know how to breathe correctly, the rest is simple. When your lower part of the neck is in the water and you are relaxed – you will be able to keep your body in the water.

Remember that the water takes care of 80-90% of your weight; you only have to deal with the rest.

Training Videos can be helpful

Learn SwimmingYou can watch some videos, read some tips, but when in the water, you will forget about it and will let the water do its job. Once in the water, forget about all fears, after a month or so you will look back and be surprised how you could have thought it to be scary.

As an adult you need to realize that the instructor knows how teach – you need to fully trust your instructor, If you are afraid of drowning, but your instructor ensures you that you can confidently do whatever he/she told you, do not hesitate, your coach has your back.

If you took your child to swimming lessons, teach him/her not to go to the deep parts of the pool without the instructor.

You need some Swimming Equipment

Learn SwimmingAs a beginner you also need to know what equipment you need to have – a swimming suit, a swimming cap, swimming goggles, comfortable shoes for wearing outside the pool, and in case you feel the special need, then get ear and nose plugs as well (though coaches do not really advise wearing a nose plug since it becomes more difficult to control your breath).

There are so many hi-tech gadgets are being used in the swimming pool these days, using these gadgets not only make you look cool but also  you can use them to connect with your friends, family and/or team members while you are not at work but still in touch with your team.

Gadgets such as water proof fitness trackers and waterproof Bluetooth headphones are best examples of such accessories.

It is also advisable to learn how to keep your swimming suit after using it and how to take proper care of your hair, skin and eyes to avoid any damage caused by chlorine present in the majority of swimming pools.

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